Thursday, August 28, 2014

OOPS, a little late posting!

Our third day was a bit on the wild side, not due to issues in class.  We had a fire drill in the middle of our morning and it caused us to get a little off our schedule.  We pulled through it and I reassured them that I am here to keep them safe.  I have lived a long life, even though I am young, I would be the last one out if a real fire.  They will be the first I save because they are my first priority.  Please know they were all excellent and they understood.  I enjoy all your children and they were fantastic during the drill I was impressed.

We returned to class where we were greeted by a visitor.  Ms. Marek came to give us some math quizzes and they are those tests to see what they know.  Parent no worries these are the types of tests where they can not study for.  They were OK, but a little worried.  We reassured again these were just to see what they know and for me to use as a teaching tool.  After this we were back on normal mode for a bit, however, it through us off.  We will catch up in all subjects soon.  We wrote in our journals about our first day, made a heart full of ideas to write about, and discussed when we are done we have just begun.  Please ask them to explain all these interesting activities we did.  In Social Studies and reading we discussed citizenship and character traits.  We were to have a special visitor, but I found out was busy.  They will be coming tomorrow to visit the class, so we can ask our questions.  I can not wait to report to you all about who we will meet. We also began our new Math, which I am learning too.  We started our lesson on how to sort items.  Please have a discussion with your child, how they could sort items in their home and how would they chart it?  Parents, one last thing Grandparents lunch is a cookout, can't wait to see you there.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Success on Day 2

I already had a comment posted to the first day blog, I believe it was Kate?  I did comment back, lets see if we can get more from others?  I love to hear what you have to say too.

Today was another day filled with adventure and excitement. We began our day again with Rebecca giving us play money for completing tasks at home and having the parents sign our reading log.  Many of you signed the behavior log as well.  Thank you for going the extra mile, this way I know you saw their behavior.  It has been fun having some find all the little bits and pieces on the floor.  I even love hearing their stories from last year.  Also reporting to me their other teacher looks just like me and I am lucky because she is just as nice.  I am feeling loved and appreciated because they are also comfortable with sharing their fears.  We wrote about our fears in writing and threw them in the trash can.  They should let you know why we threw them away.  Make sure you have them share about the book Miss Nelson is Missing.  We made special name tags and designed them in a creative way.  I hope they explain how we introduced ourselves to each other.  have a fantastic evening and remember to READ.

You might want to ask them these questions:
What were your fears and the point to the lesson?
What did you discuss with the class after you read the book Miss Nelson is Missing?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day

I can't believe I have such a fantastic group of students.  Each one of them made me feel welcomed, and I am excited to get to know them better.  We did a tour of the school and  discussed with each other our likes and dislikes.  We also met Rebecca Norman a Senior at Cedar Ridge High, who works with my students every morning.  She was my ex-student and in my very first class here at Gattis.  I can not believe she is graduating and it has been nine years.  Time does fly when you are having fun.  We went outside to discuss lunch and recess time with Mrs. Carley.  We did not go back outside since we had first lunch.  I will give them extra tomorrow.  They had a blast and I will update this blog everyday.  Please parents do not forget your homework, paper work.

YES, I gave homework to read!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Year 2014-2015

The new year for my 2014-2015 Gattis student's is almost here, but the year has already begun. Today the teachers had a pep rally at Dell Diamond. Jennifer Lucas our principal competed in a tricycle race. This was amazing to watch. Get ready for the ride of your life, and an adventure I hope you never forget. I can't say it will all be great because we will have those hard days. However, through it all I know together we will make it a great year and have some fun along the way. See you tomorrow for supply drop off and bright early on Tuesday, August 26th.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Fun

I miss my students and I am loving my summer. I hope everyone is safe and sound and are enjoying there time. I pray each one of you have been reading and using the the reading website, I am reading a series myself in the mountains of Montana. I just really started my summer fun, because all I did till now was lay by the pool. Hope each and everyone is enjoying family and are taking time to be a kid. I know I am acting like a kid when I splash my stepsons with water and push them in the pool.

I want to say thank you to all of you for making another great year for me. It blows me away to look back and reflect on all your learning you accomplished this year with myself. We had some amazing memories that I hope will last a lifetime with each of you. Thanks agin for blessing me with fantastic memories for myself. Here is my view while reading and posting, send me your pics reading.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Economics Fair

Economics Fair was a success and boy my nails look gorgeous.  The students loved the Wolfean Mall we created today, and I was horrible because I forgot to take pictures.  The cookies and lemonade were yummy and settled my thirst. We did start and try to complete our memory MiPads, which Ms. Wolfean made for us.  Please make sure to sign up for end of year party.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

I say wacky because of our schedule, we had a blast watching fourth grade talent show.   Also we did have learning going on in the morning.  We wrote letters to next years second graders and decorated our summer journals.