Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WOW, I posted!!

Tomorrow PJ's, Slippers Too!! Early Release

TOP BANANA is Ms. Wolfean forgot!!
Also no spelling this week, Happy Halloween

Please have them bring a change of shoes for playground, and PE.  Life around the school has been tough, we have had a lot to do.  We are having a great time with reading, learning about fiction and non-fiction texts.  We are discussing the difference between both types of texts, and we will be learning about text features. During writing we are focusing on small moments and how to describe our stories not tell them to the reader.  This is called show not tell, we want to make the reader get a visual in their head, make a movie. During math we are moving towards numbers to the 999, number sense and remembering still about our two digit numbers.  We are also discussing how objects are made and why they need to use the material to build that object.  They are seeing how the properties of matter help change an object.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Today we had a fantastic time getting all work done.  We discussed how to be respectful to others and Ms. Wolfean.  We talked about how I am just like one of them and they should respect me as well.  They should remember that teachers have feelings too.  During reading we have been looking at four different genres folktale, fables, fairy tale, and legends. We are discussing the difference between the lesson of the story and the most important part the story has.  You could be reading these styles and reinforcing this skill at home.During writing we are working on small moments and leads to our story.  We are trying to make sure we show our story not tell.  We moved head in math to telling time to the minute and began discussing shapes.  We will be taking our math assessment this week.

Top Banana highlight Daniel

Daniel finally shared his poster and we were excited to learn, he not only has a brother here at Gattis, named Lucas.  He also has a sister who we learned after him calling her sister, that she does have a name, Megan.  She was dressed up for a princess one Halloween and we learned he loves to trick or treat.  However, he not only loves that he enjoys going to monster races.  He had a dog or goat not sure which named Tricky, and his sister had one named S'mores.  Daniel was allowed to get goats and we thought it was funny and laughed he wanted them for a pet.  We were told it was only because he lost two dogs and his mother said he could, "I was just lucky I guess."  I giggled hearing his first report can't wait till tomorrow.

Events this week:

Tomorrow McNight out teachers will be at McDonalds from 4-9, I will be there from 6-7.

Inline image 1

We are excited to have you come to our Trunk or Treat event this Friday! We will get started at 6:00 pm

Please bring:
  • Costumes!
  • Trick-or-treat bags for your own children
  • Enough candy or treats for approx. 60 kids
  • Decorated car (optional)
Here is a schedule of events:

6:00 - 6:45 - Sign-in, Dinner, hotdogs, snacks, craft table, Zumba 
(DO NOT pass out candy at this time)
6:45 - 7:00 - Campfire songs
(Snacks and Hotdogs between 6pm and 7pm)
7:00 - 7:20 - Trunk or Treat!
7:20 - 7:40 - Costume contest
7:40 - 8:00 - Campfire songs & S'mores

Volunteers - many of you indicated that you may be able to help before, during, or after the event. Here is the link for helping with our event, we appreciate all your help! 

Events for next week:

Tuesday is Kona Ice for parents and students after school.

Wednesday   early dismissal

Monday, October 20, 2014

Literacy Night Tomorrow

Literacy Night Tomorrow, 6:30!!

We had a nice day making it through all our subjects.  We are working on making inferences and using our reading tool kit.  Please ask them to explain their tool kit in reading.  Then in writing we went to the library to preview books for the book fair.  We will be going to the library to buy books on Wednesday.  After that we came back an d wrote you a letter about Literacy night tomorrow and you could start purchasing books then.  If we can not make it to the Literacy night, they will be able to buy books at 9:45 Wednesday.  We were introduced to a new spelling skill adding a /s/ to most words and adding /es/ to words ending in a /ch/, /sh/, /s/ , /x/, or /ss/.  They are learning to read a clock using the hour and minute hand, please practice with your child at home.  We are telling time to the minute, and writing the time correctly.  In science we are finishing up properties of matter.  We learned that matter is something which takes up space and three types of matter are liquids, gas, and solids.  We can change the shape of matter when we add heat.  Also that liquids do not have a shape.  They take the shape of the container. Hope you are having a great evening?

Our New Top Banana is Daniel, I look forward to seeing and him sharing his poster.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thank you, FRIDAY

We had a busy week and this week will be busy as well.

Family Literacy Night & Book Fair- Tuesday, October 21st @ 6:30.

Students can come in their PJ’s or dress as their favorite book character. Please join us for a fun night of learning. Parents will have the opportunity to learn how to support their children in reading and writing at home. Students will have fun in the cafeteria listening to stories, interacting with teachers, playing reading games, and posing for funny pictures.

McTeacher Night - Come see the Gattis Elementary teachers at work at McDonald’s
(I-35 & 45 - by WalMart), October 23rd, from 5pm-8pm. McDonald’s will donating a portion of the sales back to Gattis.

SchoolStore.Com - Thank you for participating in this opportunity. Please continue to utilize schoolstore.com for your on-line shopping.  Our school ID is #274063.  

Gattis Trunk or Treat!
6:00 pm, Friday, October 24th
*Costume Contest *Campfire songs *S'mores *Trunk or Treat with Gattis Families in the front parking lot
FREE for PTA members, $8.00 fee per family otherwise.
Each person receives 1 hot dog and 1 S'more.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Book -  Simon & Schuster - Toys"R"UsAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014) Poster
Please check times on Saturday, I will be attending the very first movie.  I can not wait to see how  similar or how different it is? 

Ms. Wolfean has read aloud Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,No Good Very Bad Day by,Judith Viorst; I have informed the students I would like to attend the movie with them.  However, this is not school sponsored and I will need you in attendance, with your child.  I will arrive before the show starts and leave after all have left the building.  I would love for any and all who would like to join us and have an excellent time seeing the movie. I will be at the Round Rock Cinemark 14 Theater at 11:30 AM on Saturday October 11, 2014.

Mummy kind of day, And Thursday was a birthday kind of day.  Ms. Wolfean celebrated her birthday and we had a blast this week.  We have been asking questions in reading and have a ball wrapped up in writing.  We wrote about a "Mummy" story, this was a time we got scared and needed our "Mummy."  Then we made Mummies today.  Yesterday we saw a video about a Mummy.  Please ask them?  We had a blast in Science discussing properties of matter, and we will finish our mystery bag game on Tuesday.  Have a fantastic weekend and maybe I will see you tomorrow, if not see you Tuesday?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Parents first please except my deepest apology for the sign up genius for conferences. Also thank you for those who check their email and signed up.

Today in class we are learning about how to slow down and ask questions in our head in reading.  Please have them show you how we do this in class, while they read to you.  We have begun our first small moment story in class.  We are writing about our memories from our childhood.  Tomorrow we will begin to write a lot more and get a lot more stories going.  We have been working in math on two digit addition, and continuing to keep number sense going during our math group time.  In Science we have been working on properties of matter and how to classify and categorize items in to groups.

We heard from our last weeks Top Banana Bre yesterday with her show-n-tell.  She brought in her favorite photo album which her mom made for her. She showed a picture of her swimming because she loves to play in the water.She loves ballet dancing and she looked adorable in the picture.  Her dog Diesel also was in this book, "OH boy, he is crazy," Bre reported. We of course all giggled at the photo and had a fun time laughing.  Her last item she brought in were shells she got from South Carolina and they were very interesting because they were in a bottle.  I am still amazed about how they got them in the bottle?

Finally we heard from our new Top Banana Kate and she made us laugh out loud even harder. She had a picture of herself as a new born with her brother and we thought that was too cute.  We all said, "AWWW!"  Then she reported about her family at Christmas when they took a picture together.  This is where we all giggled till we could not stop.  Kate told us, "My Mom taped our mouths shut because she thought it would be a funny picture."  Well she was right we all thought it was an interesting picture and we could not believe it was done on purpose.  She had a picture of herself dancing and she loved it.  Then finally the last picture was Girl Scouts and she was excited to report Julie was in it too.   The question was asked, why do you like Girl Scouts? Kate replied, "It is nice to have friends in my class in there with me."

Friday, October 3, 2014


Bre, I am sorry I have not updated like I should I have been busy and that is not fair.  I am sorry too we ran out of time and we must share on Monday.  Please know time ran out because we had a blast in Science.  I promise to write about you and let you share.

Bre did share her poster and I want to take the time to write all what was reported.  Bre reported she loves to spend time with all her family and really loved the blue icing on her birthday.  She can not remember how old she was.  She loves to dance, because it makes her happy.  She wants to swim with dolphins one day because she thinks it would be really cool.  Dolphins are her favorite water animal because she told us that camels, horses, and elephants were her favorite land ones because she got to ride them.  She loves to bake, she even helped her Mom bake a four layer one.  She said, "I am lucky because my Step Dad flies all over the world just to go to work it is crazy."  Her favorite place she has been to was Washington D.C. or Boston, "I just can't decide."  I love hearing from them and I am sad to say Good-bye to Bre.

Today we finished our week getting through almost all lessons.  We had a lot of visitors today Daniel's, Bre's, and Kate's Mom came in and boy we loved them.  Also Sara our High School teacher buddy came in to help guide us in reading and writing.  We spent time getting to our reading lesson sequencing and we reviewed how to place book titles in ABC order.  During writing we practiced planning a story from our past.  Then we tried to complete our math test.  Last but not least we had a BLAST doing our Science experiment.  We observed a capsule turn into a sponge.  Please ask them about this activity?  They should explain that the capsule dissolved, but it was hard in the beginning and turned into a liquid state. We will be discussing this more with our up coming states of matter unit.  Have a fantastic weekend.