Thursday, January 29, 2015


I have to head to creative gators club I will add details in a little bit.  I wanted to post the homework problem, for math.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 27

Today was a busy day we are having blast learning to read nonfiction texts.  We are learning how to locate and use features to help guide our research.  We are then apply that knowledge to research our topic to write to our Big Idea.  Please ask them their Big Idea they are thinking of researching?  We are also starting to discuss how these features will help publish our All About Books.  We are continuing to practice subtraction in CAFE time, but today we moved on to classify 2D shapes and what attributes make up a polygon.  Please ask them what they discovered in math .  Tomorrow we finish up natural resources and will move on to understanding Bodies of water on our Earth.

Top Banana
Julie is our new Top Banana and we are learning that is loves collecting eggs at Easter and eating the candy.  She enjoys cuddling with her Grandpa and falling asleep in his arms.  She loved going to her father daughter dance she said, "I love spending time with my Dad.  It is my favorite thing to do."  She had a blast dancing and having fun with her dad.  We are looking forward to hearing more fun Julie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ms. Wolfean is back, and I hope you all had a fantastic MLK Day?

We had a great day , and we had a great time learning how summarize our story, during reading.  We reviewed how to ask our self and others questions while reading and after.  Then we revised our writing to begin publishing this week, so that we can move onto research.  Then math, this is a tough concept this week we are regrouping with two and three digit numbers and they are struggling.  Please give your child practice problems so they can remember to show the strategy.  I also taught them how to add to check subtraction, this also might need to explained.  They seem to not understand I can add my answer to the other part and check that I add to get the total given.  I hope you all have fun and let them teach you.  We are still working on natural resources in science and observing how objects go through changes and how those changes affect the outcome of what is made.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today was a busy day and we were somewhat successful in completing all tasks.  We had library and we did spend extra time on math.  Therefore, I know that some of it is due to me.  We started a new concept in math subtracting with regrouping.  We are trying to get the second graders to explain when they need to regroup for both addition and subtracting.  They need to explain what is happening to the ones and tens, and use the math vocabulary in their response. Please ask them to explain both ways to regroup and make sure they explain using math words?  We are still studying Jan Brett and we have been writing about each book.  Today they did a quick check response to the stories we have heard, ask them to describe the stories and discuss the books with them.  we will be starting Natural resources in Science tomorrow.  Stay tuned for another update!


Books we have read

Monday, January 12, 2015

Marvelous Monday

My students will come home reporting that we were not in class today, they are correct.  The teachers in Second Grade thought it would be interesting to collect data on their reading tests.  We wanted one day to pull as many as we could read to us.  I was able to test and have half my class read to me.  It was nice, we are thinking of doing it again. Having said that, we of course did not have a normal day.  Therefore, we did not get to Spelling this week.  I will be doing a different kind of spelling.  I will test their sight words.  I know they will all do great, but there is not a list to come home because I want to compare their progress from the beginning of the year.  I thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to email me with questions.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fantastic Friday

Today was a great day, I am sorry for those who did not understand the math problem.  We did go over it again with your child they should be able to explain it to you.  Please keep in mind that I am trying to get them to be problem solvers.  They should be able to try it on their own and teach you.  I want them to show you what we are doing in class.  I will be having another problem like this next week.

Reading today was excellent we studied the book The Mitten by Jan Brett.  We made a sequencing activity to go along with the book.  They seemed to really enjoy the story.  Please ask them about their project.  In math we learned a new strategy called partial sums method, ask them to model it.Then in writing we continued to write small moments and study published authors and use their writing to guide ours. Finally at the end of the day we took a quick check on maps, for social studies.
Top Banana Kash
Kash shared his poster and completed his week by reporting he loves to hang out with his cousins Ray and Alyssa.  He went to a race track with his dad and got to race go-carts.  He thought it was cool.  He also shared that he was a chimney sweeper in last year's play well musical.  I loved the fact one student asked you cleaned out someone's chimney.  Kash and the whole class giggled.  He has been to Six Flags and his favorite thing were the roller coasters, I think?  I loved learning about Kash and can't wait to see his show-n-tell.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Math CGI

I know I sent home a strange looking math CGI problem the first part is a drawing of a students work he would draw to solve a problem.  I hope this will help on tonight's problem.

Parents are emailing saying this helped, I am glad.

Also one concern was the pictures at the top.

Your child, should be able to tell you the first set of numbers is the two numbers he adds from a problem given to him.  The next set is the way he regrouped to add the two numbers, and the third set is his answer to the two numbers at the beginning.  The arrows is to divide the steps he took to solve the problem given.  I hope this makes sense.

Here is what the problem stated Kash drew a picture of how he solved his story problem. 
Question A (use the first picture)

 States: Write an expression (number sentence) to go with Kash’s thinking.  Explain your thinking.

They are to write a number sentence to go with Kash's picture. (example: 47+ 34= 81), this is not the answer to their problem. I know I should write these numbers with an addition sign because he regrouped them, and made a trade.  We do this when we add.
Question B (use the first picture)

Write a story situation to go with Kash’s picture and your number sentence.  Be sure to include a question.

They are to write the story that might have been given to Kash for him to solve.
 example: Kimberly had 47 marbles.  Clara has 34 marbles.  How many marbles do they both have altogether.  

Question C (use the third picture)
What would the number be if we rounded the answer to Kash's problem to the nearest 10? Explain

They are to round the answer to the nearest ten and give a reason why they feel they are correct.
Example:  I know the nearest ten is 80 because if you subtract one it is closer than adding nine more to get to 90.